Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lipstick Kisses Nail Art


Hi everyone! Today I have a very cute but rather random nail art design to share with you...

You're probably thinking that this type of nail art is best suited to another time of year (February 14th, to be precise). But if you really think about it, these nails are really not that irrelevant at all. For starters, it's so bloody grey and dreary outside, it's nice to brighten things up a little with a super sparkly, Valentine's-inspired design. Secondly, and without wanting to go into too much detail, there are so many hideous things going on in the world right now, why not channel some love and positivity? Finally (and I've got to admit that I've only just realised this) my lipstick kisses nails have  a Parisian feel about them. Bold, romantic, modern yet classical, they're a subtle nod to the city of love. Of course, I understand that my little old nails are hugely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it's always nice to share the sentiment that lies behind the scenes.

Anyway, these nails were really quick and easy to do, and I absolutely love the final effect. I used two coats of China Glaze White On White for the white bases, and OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (yep, from the old school Couture de Minnie collection!) for the sparkly red nails. For the lipstick kisses, I used the Nails Inc polish I got free in Glamour a couple of weeks ago. It's a gorgeous pillar box red called Victoria & Albert, and it really reminded why I love Nails Inc polishes so much.

I used a fine nail art paintbrush for the lipstick kisses, creating the larger ones first and then filling in gaps with little versions. I decided against making them too neat and tidy, as real lipstick kisses are never perfect, after all! I think these nails are ideal for the festive period, too, with their Christmassy colour scheme. I do love snowflakes, Christmas puddings and elves, but it's always fun to be different!

I hope you like them :)

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