Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art: Crazy Pumpkins

Hi! Today I've got another Halloween manicure to show you... Pumpkins! This design was really quick to do and I love the contrast of colours. I'm not a big fan of orange (it tends to clash with my ginger hair!), but it is definitely one of the most Halloween-y colours. I tried to make each pumpkin's expression a bit different for some variety, and also added glitter to make the manicure more girlie.

The equipment:

e.l.f. Cosmetics 'Mango Madness'
Fearne 'Burnt Out'
Sinful Colors 'Pistache'
No. 7 'Totally Teal'
Models Own black nail art pen
Fine nail art paintbrush

I use 'Mango Madness' for a base, which is one of my favourite colours from my prize for winning the e.l.f. Cosmetics nail art contest a few months ago. I've seen some negative feedback about the quality of e.l.f.'s polishes, but for the price, I think they're a really good budget option. There's a huge variety of colours, and though it takes about three coats for opacity, the finish is always very smooth and shiny. Once my bases were dry, I used Fearne 'Burnt Out' with a fine nail art brush to add sparkly lines.
Next, I used 'Pistache' to paint a small semicircle on the top of each pumpkin. Then I added some more lines using 'Totally Teal'. For the pumpkin faces I used a black nail art pen. I didn't worry too much about neatness, because I always think carved pumpkins look best when they're quite jagged and weird-looking!


  1. It looks just sooo cute! and scary of course :) love your pumpkin nails :)

  2. Ahh simply adorable! Loving those pumpkins along with all their different expressions :D And I totally agree! The jaggedness in this case, is much needed to make it look realistic! :D

  3. These look great! All of your halloween manicures are really good :)
    I have the least steady hand ever and mine always end up a total mess xx


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