Saturday, 10 August 2013

Retro Sweetie Nails: Liquorice Allsorts

Good evening! Today I've created yet another food-related design... What is wrong with me at the moment? Anyway, this manicure is inspired by Liquorice Allsorts (my mum has been demanding it for a while). Now, I really don't like liquorice at all - in fact, I'd go as far as to say that I hate it. However, it's one of my mum's favourite sweets (along with Turkish Delight... Again, YUK!), and I knew it would make for a really bright, funky manicure. 

The equipment:

Jacava 'Mont Blanc'*
Sinful Colors 'Black on Black'
Models Own 'Feeling Blue'
Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach'
Models Own 'Soda Pop Pink'
Barry M 'Shocking Pink'
Barry M Limited Edition 'Bright Yellow'
Essie 'Good To Go' 
Fine nail art paint brush
Tiny dotting tool


I found an image of Liquorice Allsorts on good old Google, and decided to crop it down to 'nail shapes'. I didn't copy the designs exactly, I just used them as a starting point, and it was really handy having these images to refer back to throughout, especially for the sizing and shading.

Anyway, I started out with a base of 'Mont Blanc', and then began to add the block colours of the main shapes. For this design to be really effective, the colours have to be as smooth and opaque as possible, so there was lots of waiting involved while coats dried!
Once I'd applied all of the base colours, I started adding the more intricate designs. Again, it was a case of building up layers, and I used my trusty little paint brush to neaten up edges and clarify all of the lines.
I think my thumb nail is the best of the bunch, because I spent a lot of time perfecting the shading. You can't see it very well in the photos, but I blended dark and light pinks on the bottom sweet, and mixed Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach' with yellow to darken the edges of the yellow sweet. 
To achieve the dotty effect of the blue and pink sweets, I used a tiny dotting tool, and applied the pale shade (Models Own 'Soda Pop Pink' or 'Feeling Blue') as well as the darker shade (Barry M 'Shocking Pink' or e.l.f. 'Skinny Jeans', and a little bit of white. I purposely layered up the dots before the previous layer was 100% dry, so bits of nail polish pulled away and created more of a rough effect.

As always, I completed the manicure with a good top coat. I think this manicure would also work mattified, but I'm going through a shiny stage at the moment. What do you think? I'm still a bit unsure about these, but maybe it's because I'm so against liquorice itself... 


  1. Am not a fan of liquorice, but I am a fan of this nail art! :) Love the added details and every bit of colous and design you've put into this! Great job!! ♥

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm glad you like them :) x

  2. These are really yummy! :p
    I love liquorice and this mani is so awesome! :))

    1. Thank you so much! Most people I've spoken to absolutely HATE liquorice, so it's nice to find someone that will be appreciate its tastiness :) x

    2. I live in Finland so liquorice and salmiak are really common here :) Actually it is weird if you don't like them in here :Dd

    3. Oh wow really?! I love Finland! I went on holiday to Lapland when I was little, I loved it! I'm not really a sweetie-loving person anyway, I much prefer a big bar of chocolate haha x

  3. I love this design, although I don't like licorice either... I remember when I was little my dad used to eat these all the time!

  4. Nice post. I have bookmarked you to check your new stuff.

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