Tuesday, 30 July 2013

JACAVA London: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well! Today I have a review of a lovely new brand called Jacava, a UK-based company that specialises in luxury nail polish. Jacava's nail polish 8-free. You may or may not have heard about 3-free polishes (brands such as OPI and Essie don't contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene or Formaldehyde, which are considered toxic) and 5-free polishes (the likes of Chanel and Dior are also free of Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor, which research has also proved risky). Well, Jacava take this even further by ensuring that all of their polishes are free from eight key nail varnish downfalls: there's no Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene, DBP, Collophane, Phthalates or Animal Testing. What's more, their bottles boast a gorgeous 22 carat gold print, so if the science and ethics don't impress you, surely the packaging does?!
Anyway, I originally chose to review 'Chillax'*, which is a beautiful, metallic turquoise. It looks more green on both the colour menu on the site, but even though the true colour is more teal, it's still lovely. When my parcel arrived, to my surprise the generous people of Jacava London had sent me two other shades to review: 'Midnight's Secrets'*, a shimmery royal blue, and 'Mont Blanc'*, a smooth pure white. 
Although their selection isn't huge, there is certainly a shade to suit everyone. From the menu, I can say that 'Knightsbridge Opulence' and 'Marrakesh Nights' have also caught my eye... How perfect are these names? Honestly, being a nail polish namer must be the best job in the world...
Jacava's packaging is really impressive. The bottles are a good size and feel sturdy, so there's little risk of smashes or cracks. The lids are long and smooth, and easy to grip, and the brushes also appear to be long enough to touch the bottom of the bottle. I've found this to be one of my pet hates of nail polish - why do some companies make the brushes so short? Some people actually want to finish bottles of nail polish, y'know! 
All of the polishes applied beautifully. The brushes are a good width to reach the corners of your nails, and there were no stray bristles on the first opening (another pet hate). The consistency was great, and both 'Chillax' and 'Midnight's Secrets' only took 2 coats for opacity. 'Mont Blanc' required 3 coats, but as I always say, that's just to be expected of pale polishes.
My favourite is definitely 'Chillax', because I love the subtly of the shimmer and the rich turquoise shade. However, I'm also really glad that I received 'Mont Blanc', because I've been in need of a quality white for a while. 'Midnight's Secrets' is also really pretty, and despite my vast collection of blue polishes, it's quite different to every other.
What do you think? What's your favourite shade? Have you ever tried Jacava, or other luxury nail varnish brands? 

*Jacava London nail polishes RRP at £14.50 each and can be found via their website. These products were sent to me for review, however this has not influenced my opinion in any way. As always, I have been 100% honest about my experiences with the product.

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