Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yorkshire Bloggers

Hi guys! This is a just quick post to let you know about Yorkshire Bloggers, which is a site dedicated to promoting all kinds of blogs that are based in Yorkshire. Obviously I'm not living in Yorkshire at the moment (*sob*) but it definitely holds a massive place in my heart, and I really hope to move back eventually! I'm so glad to have been invited to join this site - after all, a really important part of blogging is being able to support and promote one another. Anyway, there are all sorts of blogs linked via the site, from beauty, fashion and lifestyle to cookery, parenthood and photography, so you are guaranteed to find something to suit your taste. I'm adding the Yorkshire Bloggers badge to my sidebar, so give it a click ;) 


  1. Awww thanks for the post! Appreciate the support.

    1. No problem, I think it's such a good concept!


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