Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pink & White Abstract Nails

These nails were inspired by the work of one of my closest friends, who studies Illustration. I decided to adapt her screen printed posters* into nail art, focusing on my favourite colour combination (pink, of course!) 
The equipment:

Fearne 'Coral Island'
Natural Collection 'White'
Rio hot pink nail art pen
Models Own white nail art pen
Models Own 3-in-1 clear coat
Medium dotting tool
I started out with the bases, applying white to my thumb nail, middle finger nail and ring finger nail, and used pink for my index and little finger.
Once dry, I used my hot pink nail art pen. I love the Rio pens as they're really cheap and have the double function of a striping brush and pen nib, so you can use them for just about any design. Using the striping brush, I applied various lines. I based the patterns on the pink and white screen print, however I didn't follow it EXACTLY, as that would have been extremely difficult!
Using my dotting tool, I created the dots. I tried to keep them exactly the same size but there are a few variations. Dotting tools are brilliant but require so much patience! The consistency of your nail varnish also contributes to the finish, as loose polishes tend to spread more.
I did exactly the same with the white nail art pen on pink. I actually found the Rio nail art pen better than the Models Own one in this manicure, which is strange considering the prices (Models Own nail art pens tend to be about £4/£5, while my Rio pens came in a set of about fifteen and cost less than twenty pounds).

As always, I finished off with a clear top coat! I think the pink-on-white looks best, especially my thumb nail, but I guess it provides a bigger canvas and can therefore be more detailed. When I'm feeling a bit more patient I think I might attempt the blue, pink and green screen print, which will take a bit longer due to waiting for different layers to dry! It's really nice to be able to take inspiration from different sources, especially when it's a friend's work.  Thinking up your own designs is always great, but sometimes it's fun to be able to create a manicure that stems from pieces of art, fashion or photographs. Where do you find your inspiration? 
*The screen printed posters are courtesy of Rachel Davey, and accessed via this site! She'll probably cringe when she finds out I've mentioned her, but she deserves some promotion as she's so talented :)

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