Monday, 27 May 2013

7 Deadly Sins - Lust

Hello strangers! I admit I've been MIA at the moment, mainly due to a few important meetings over the past week or so. I didn't fancy going along with bright, sparkly and/or funky nails, especially when the circumstances were professional, however I still made sure that my nails were freshly painted and looking pretty (I stuck to pale pink or grey for most of the week). I got some brilliant nail mail recently too, courtesy of Models Own and Superdrug :) Here's a cheeky sneaky peak...
I got Barry M 'Shocking Pink' which I love, and one of their Sequin Nail Effects polishes. To be honest I'm not really that pleased with the latter, and I don't even know why I bought it because I've seen a few reviews that deem it unimpressive and messy. The sequins are pretty (red, blue, green, gold and silver), but the consistency of the varnish is really thick, and you can't get away with more than two coats without the polish looking grey and gunky. It's a shame really, but at least it has proven once more that Models Own Ibiza Mix 'Hed Kandi' still reigns supreme on the glitter front! 

I also got Essie 'Matte About You' which is AMAZING. I really really really love it, and I can't wait to get more confident with applying it (it's very unforgiving with regards to tiny detail mistakes). From the Models Own website I took advantage of their 'Buy 5 Save £5' deal and bought another Scratch n' Sniff varnish, 'Apple Pie', along with a pretty pink 'Soda Pop Pink' and a beautiful minky-grey shade 'Utopia'. I also opted for 'Bare Beauty' which is one of those shades that you can't really describe, kind of browny-orangey-nudey-goldy-nudey? Finally I got a lovely shimmery blue, 'Indian Ocean', which looks perfect over the top of my other Scratch n' Sniff shade 'Blueberry Muffin', as well as my favourite  Essie polish 'Sweet Talker'.

Anyway, I better get started with the actual tutorial! As the title suggests, this design is my second manicure for my self-assigned 7 Deadly Sins theme (see the previous post for an explanation). I decided on Lust this time, and to be perfectly honest I'm not really that pleased with how it turned out. I feel like the corsets are rubbish compared to what I've done before (Corset Babydoll Nails), however I'm going to blame this on the two Mixed Fruit Kopparbergs I had at lunchtime... 
The equipment

Models Own 'Soda Pop Pink'
Red (no brand or name, oops!)
Dark red (again, no brand or name...)
Models Own white nail art pen
Models Own black nail art pen
A fine nail art paint brush
0.5 thickness fine liner
Silver gems

If you've looked at my tutorials before, you'll know that this is the first time I've used a fine liner. I knew that the fishnet and lace design would be very, very tricky, and rather than risking using my nail art pen (there can be blobby-shaped disasters!) I thought it best to use a normal pen instead.
I started out with bases using Models Own 'Soda Pop Pink'. Ignore my thumb nail - I was originally intending on a pale pink to red gradient, but this didn't end up working out! Eventually I removed the Models Own 'Pastel Pink' and applied 'Soda Pop Pink' as well.
Using my fine paint brush and bright red, I painted on the block designs. I created corset shapes on my middle and little finger nails, and added red blocks to the top quarters of my other two nails.
Once dry, I used my darker red (it looks much darker on the photo, but in 'real life' it is more burgundy) to add a central panel to the corsets. Then I used the fine liner to begin the fishnet design. I drew two horizontal lines to create the top section of stockings, and then began the criss-crosses.
I finished off the fishnet stockings with smaller criss-crosses on the top sections, and then added a few dots and squiggles to make it look lacy. I originally wanted to create a flowery lace design for these bits, but there wasn't much space to be too intricate. I also added black bows to the corsets.
Next I added narrow vertical lines to the fishnet nails, creating suspenders. With the corset nails I lined the top of the bra section with white dots, and then outlined them, as well as outlining the corset shape. I also added criss-crossing ribbons down the front, and highlighted the bows tiny white lines. I finished off with silver gems, and wrote 'lust' on my thumb nail. 

What do you think? In my opinion these nails are no where near as good as 'Envy', but I do think the red, pink and black colour scheme is very effective. I also like how my fishnet stockings and suspenders turned out, although I have a feeling they might be a little bit TOO racy and may have to be taken off before any more meetings...

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