Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tyin' the Knot! with a Sweet Talker

My parcel from Direct Cosmetics has finally arrived, along with a few other things... I really need to stop all of this online shopping. The postman even pointed out that after handing over my packages, his bag was a lot lighter! Along with my treats from my new favourite cosmetics retailer, I got a long awaited copy of a book for my diss., and some business cards that I ordered from Vista Print. 
At £2.99 for a bundle of 100 (p&p was about £4 if I recall correctly), and with an extremely professional look and feel, they're really good value. I love the black, purple and gold colour scheme, and I decided to keep it nice and simple with a title, brief description and contact details. I can't wait to start handing them out to my friends/family/random unsuspecting strangers who look like they might be interested in nail art. 

Along with Jeane Phillipe Apothecary Wild Honey Exfoliating Body Scrub (99p),  and Sally Hansen Petite Nail Nipper (£2.99), I got a couple of new nail polishes from Direct Cosmetics. I was disappointed to find that they'd sold out of the other varnish I ordered, which was a Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Colour in 'Reliable Beige', but whoever packed my order left a nice little note on the invoice to explain the situation and assure me that a refund was on its way. I'm really glad that it was the beige polish that had sold out rather than the my other two colours, because the moment I set eyes on them I knew life without them would be a terrible thing! They are both absolutely gorgeous, and even though I didn't realise upon ordering them, they complement perfectly and look like they were made to be together.
I've suddenly become obsessed with blue, and this is a beautiful little addition to my growing collection. I was worried that it was a bit too similar to Models Own 'Blueberry Muffin', but upon application I realised it's actually a purer blue, while 'Bluberry Muffin' has more purple tones. It's funny when you compare colours which initially look identical, and then discover they are poles apart! Essie 'Sweet Talker' is a gorgeous sky blue with a fine shimmer throughout, and it applies really smoothly and evenly. I've always loved Essie because their brushes are broad and soft, and the consistency and quality of their varnishes mean they're easy to apply and long lasting. However, I tend to be put off by the price tags (I'm a bargain hunter, after all), so when I found that Direct Cosmetics sell Essie polishes for an amazing £2.99, I couldn't resist!
This Sally Hansen polish was even more of a bargain. At 99p (yes, 99p!), 'Tyin' the Knot!' is Diamond Strength and chip resistant, and is a lovely shimmery grey. I immediately fell in love with it when I noticed the little 'diamond' on the bottle - so cute! Since I'm a magpie, I think I'm going to have invest in the rest of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength collection, even if it's just to gaze at the pretty gems. The brush is much narrower than Essie polishes, but it still applied nicely and only took 2 coats for a clean finish.
I love how these colours look together, and when I have a bit more time (I'm supposed to be concentrating on uni work for the next few days, d'ohhh) I think I'm going to spend a good long while creating a funky manicure. I'm thinking bases in this order, and maybe an accent nail with a swirly pattern? I might even add a few gems...


  1. Love your blog, amazing nail designs! :) xx


    1. Aww thank you! It'll be a month old tomorrow - I'm still new to this blogging thing but I absolutely love it. I noticed your review of Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil... I swear by that stuff! x


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