Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Purple Lace and Gems

For the past week or so I've been embracing the theme of Easter; that means lots of pastel colours, polkadots and bunny rabbits! I fancied doing something a little different today, and so created a design around my new favourite colour, Rimmel 'Pompous'. 
The product photo doesn't really do the shade justice - it looks matte here, but is in fact a gorgeous deep purple speckled with silver and blue shimmers. It's also one of Rimmel's quick drying varnishes, and so is brilliant for impatient, serial-smudgers like myself! I got this a few weeks ago from Nail Polish Direct (see my whole order here!). I was really impressed with both the prices and the quick delivery - if you want cheap nail varnishes, go, go, go!!

The equipment:

Rimmel 'Pompous'
Models Own white nail art pen
Lilac gems

This manicure uses so much less than others, and it felt weird only having a couple of things out in front of me, rather than the usual pile of equipment! I started with clean, filed nails and applied two base coats...
Once dry, I took my white nail art pen and began the lace design. This consisted of two small semicircles in the top right corner (the inner one looks more like a blob in this picture!), and then several dots around. I then encased the design in a wavy line, mimicking the pattern of lace. 
I then applied a thicker, larger wavy line, leaving enough space to add gems in the middle. The little white 'spikes' completed the pattern.
Once I was happy with my lace pattern, I added lilac gems. When everything was dry, I applied two top coats. 
Depending on how steady your hand is, you could paint on the lace using a fine paintbrush, as the flow of varnish out of nail art pens can be a little inconsistent. However, as long as you're used to your nail art pen - the pressure you need to apply, the speed it comes out etc. - then it's pretty safe to use it for a lace design. I know I always say it, but it's much simpler than it looks :)
I cannot express how much I love this colour! I'm never usually fond of purple shades, but the subtle shimmer of Rimmel's 'Pompous' makes it really rich and elegant. I wholeheartedly recommend! 

Oooooh and just before I go, I thought I'd share my new storage system for my nail art tools! My art box is no longer large enough for everything, so it's now only dedicated to my nail varnishes and nail art pens. The pink plastic set of drawers keeps everything else; including dotting tools, paintbrushes and gems; neat and tidy! 
I was so proud of my organisation skills that I treated myself to a little Models Own spree (any excuse for new nail varnishes!) After a lot of umming-and-ahhing, I decided upon 'Blueberry Muffin' (from the Fruit Pastel range), 'Pastel Pink' (from the Ice-Cream Sundae range), 'Peach Sherbert', 'Gold Finger', and a 3-in-1 base coat/top coat/gloss. If you purchase five polishes you save £7 (three polishes = £5 saving), so my grand total was about £20 inc. p&p. The last time I ordered from Models Own my haul was with me within a few days, so I hope the same happens again! 

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