Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nail Mail!

So yesterday morning, having de-cluttered and reorganised my nail varnishes and tools, I decided to treat myself to a lovely little Models Own order. Anyone who's read my previous post will know that I opted for 'Blueberry Muffin', 'Peach Sherbet', 'Pastel Pink', 'Gold Finger', and a clear 3-in-1 coat. All of this came to £20, as purchasing 5 colours = £7 discount. Amazingly P&P is free, which is always an added bonus! My confirmation email from Models Own stated that they'd rush my order to me as soon as possible, but of course customers in the UK should expect to wait up to 10 business days (understandable, with free delivery and all). Anyway, with all of this in mind, I could not believe my ears when I heard the rustling of the postman this morning...
I don't think there is a single person on this planet that wouldn't consider this excellent customer service. My nail mail was literally in my hands within 24 hours of ordering... Crazy! I absolutely love the colours too, and I kind of wish I'd parted with another £20 and ordered five more.
'Pastel Pink' is pretty similar to a shade that I already own, 'Sheer Pink' by W7 (look at this post for the colour). However, the quality of Models Own is always leaps and bounds ahead. This finish only took 2 coats, and even without a decent top coat, I know this will last for ages with hardly any chipping or peeling.
'Peach Sherbet' is a couple of shades lighter than another favourite of mine, 'Fuzzy Peach' (look at the orange shade in this tutorial for the colour). I think these colours will complement one another really well, and I can't wait to create a peach orientated design!
'Blueberry Muffin' is a beautiful delicate blue. It reminds me of classic Chinese blue and white porcelain, and so I am inspired to try a design along these lines in the future. Using a good white base, and another favourite Models Own shade 'Feeling Blue', I think this would make a gorgeous manicure.
Finally, 'Gold Finger' is a lovely gold glitter varnish. This would look lovely over the top of any base - I'm thinking Rimmel's 'Pompous' for a really rich, luxurious manicure, since they are the colours of wealth after all! Once again, it only took 2 coats to achieve this finish, once again demonstrating the quality of Models Own products. 

I'm also going to use this post to sing the praises of Direct Cosmetics, who I placed an order with yesterday as well (these sprees are once-every-few-months happenings, before anyone jumps to conclusions about me being rich/a shopaholic... Although admittedly I am the latter). I've only just discovered this website and I absolutely love it. There are so many discount products to choose from, including brilliant brands like Elizabeth Arden and Stila. Along with some makeup - a pack of five Maybelline 'Moisture Extreme' lipsticks, some Maybelline foundation, an Elizabeth Arden mascara, Rimmel concealer and Sally Hansen loose powder - I also chose a cute Burberry-esque nail file by Pinkee's (79p), Sally Hansen 'Cuticle & Nail Finisher' (£1.99) and Sally Hansen 'Age Correct Strength Dry & Brittle Nail Care' (£1.29). 
I didn't even realise the last product came as a two pack... Even better! I spend so much time painting my nails that I decided it was time to start taking proper care of them, and I can't wait to get my cuticles neat and tidy. The whole order came to about £24.00 inc. P&P, but the majority of this cost was due to the makeup, and so if I had simply stuck to nail products I would have been looking at an order equaling £9.02 (that's with £4.95 postage). I know I say it all the time, but nail art is the cheapest addiction ever, and I recommend both Direct Cosmetics and Models Own to any deal-loving nail artist who wants great quality for bargain prices!

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