Monday, 11 March 2013

Cat's Eyes

This design is the perfect follow up to my animal print post. I did it a few weeks ago, and since it took A LOT of time and patience, I haven't had the guts to try it again! I started off with the intention of a standard leopard print manicure, but then I couldn't resist a little 'twist' on the classic.

My finger nails comprise of a beige base, with a gold-ish coat on top, and then splodges of a purpley-brown (such technical language!), with black detailing to finish. On my thumb, I added yellow shimmer on the top and sides, and shrunk the leopard print and left the centre of my nail free for painting!

For the eyes, I chose a vibrant combination of green shades, although it looks a little dull in the photo... Anyway, I dotted on the palest shade, and before it was completely dry I blended in a darker green with a cotton bud. The outline in black was pretty tricky, and EXTREMELY difficult to get totally matching, but who ever has perfectly symmetrical eyeliner?! The 'freckles' down the nose were done using a cocktail stick, and the black varnish was already partly dry which made for a subtle effect. Finally, I added a little nose. I don't think it's a big shame that there wasn't room for a mouth - it may have become too crowded, and I would have been torn between a big cheesy grin or lots of sharp teeth (both of which are v. difficult to achieve, I am sure!)

I definitely want to try this design again, but maybe with a different animal next time. A lion could work, with a sparkly gold mane, or even a panda?

Watch this space!

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